Fairy Bottling

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Fairy Bottling


Our ultimate strength lies in our decision to build a human empire that can operate a business and not a human enclosure.

The ultimate goal is to be able to indulge in a society that is not ours, in a society where cultures cross and paths sometimes become too narrow, leaving no room for competition. It must be this reality that has pushed us on different occasions to raise the bar very high and to set up a fixed goal.

To this end, the visionary spirit of the founder, the common language that fuels our duties and the desire to position ourselves among the best brands on national, regional and international levels are the pillars of our existence.

Glimpse of History

In Zambia, we have bought a company on the brink of bankruptcy in 2009. The 3 year-old company, at that time, was producing only one ordinary brand of mineral water. Today, Fairy Bottling produces the Proudly Zambian renowned mineral water brand Aquasavana.

In parallel, Fairy Bottling produces more than 20 SKUs of carbonated juices among which an energy product qualified as the most growing consumable drink of the year 2016.

The scope of Fairy Bottling's business is not limited to Zambia, our territory alone comprises 7 countries.

Awards and Recognition

Fairy Bottling received the Best Partner Award from the International Women's Club of Lusaka in 2016, was named as the Leading Company on January 10, 2017 and the 2nd Best Employer in Chilanga District, preceding companies present in the same geographical area for more than 30 years.

Fairy Bottling received an outstanding recognition award from ARSO and Made in Africa Conference 2017.


Fairy Bottling is a member at the following institutions / entities:

  1. The Consumer Goods Forum
  2. SEDEX - CEO Africa Forum
  3. Alliance for Water Stewardship
  4. Lusaka Water Security Initiative LuWSI
  5. American Chamber of Commerce Zambia
  6. Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry 


Fairy Bottling is expected to be AWS certified by November 2017, the first ever certification among the Water Bottled Industry Players.

Fairy Bottling has also launched its ISO Certification process.